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Yes, we do deliveries within Ghana. We ship within West Africa for wholesale orders but the customer is in charge of the shipping charges.

Our products last more than a year; the color and taste are the same as fresh produce.​ ​

It’s not easy to get a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet every day. The variety depends on the season. You can’t really buy in bulk because fresh produce goes bad so fast. That means multiple trips to the market. Preparing produce takes time…a lot of time. And let’s face it, if it’s not right off the vine, it doesn’t taste that great.​ The Struggle Is Real!​ Our products help you solve that struggle while giving you the vitamins, minerals and taste of fresh produce all year.

You can order online using our checkout system and then pay via Visa/Mastercard/Momo or even pay offline upon delivery. 

Yeah, you might want to contact us to know your needs and quanties. 

No preservatives/additives. No added sugar. No fillers. No artificial flavors or colors. Gluten free. Non-GMO. Vitamins & minerals rich. High in fiber. Plant-based.

It’s just what you’ve been waiting for.

We want to help everyone live a healthier, happier life through the power of GOOD NUTRITION. That’s no small mission. But we believe everyone CAN be healthier by consuming more fruits and vegetables. And we just made it so much easier with NOURIMEAL.

Made with simple, whole food ingredients. They’re all you need.

 Juice: a No-No

Some try to consume fruits and veggies by consuming juices. It’s hard to even compare Nourimeal fruit powders with juices, because the products are so entirely different from each other. Nourimeal is literally fruits and vegetables and cereal grains nothing else. Juices are problematic because juice manufacturers often remove the fiber from their products and replace it with sugar.

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