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About Us

AGROMYX is an Agro-food manufacturer and distributor of a wide variety of food products, the company is located in community 17, Tema – Ghana.

AGROMYX expects to catch the interest of the food and Agriculture industry with its unique food preservation method and healthy products. We are specialized in natural healthy sugar free food products.

Our Strategy

The very core of our strategy is to reach the top together.  This strategy is founded on the four basic values that guides our entrepreneurial actions.

These four basic values are as follows:

  • Quality  is our core competence
  •  We stand for sustainable services
  • Our products offer taste and nourish life
  • Our tradition makes us rich in experience


The quality of our products start with the careful selection of the raw materials. We only work with certified suppliers who guarantee compliance with our requirements. Processing is done in our own master workshops by people who understand their craft and follow tried-and-tested recipes. This means that our customers can enjoy every bite.

We use state-of-the-art technology to make sure that only our top-quality products reach our customers safely.


We aim to deliver innovative solutions for the elimination of post-harvest food losses in the global food supply chain, and also providing nutritious healthy food products. Connecting farmers to the business world by increasing productivity.

We are committed to working directly with farmers, cooperatives, and like-minded companies to grow abundance in the agriculture sector. AGROMYX strives to build synergy between local agricultural economies and the global market place.

At AGROMYX we believe in helping and promoting healthy lifestyles, conserving vital resources, making unique healthy products and having good preservation system for post harvest food losses. By solving post harvest food waste problems, we believe it’ll boost productivity in the agriculture sector by creating more jobs. This will also generate revenue in the food industry and create more jobs as well.

We love food. That is why we preserve it and we care for it!


Our ambition, our vision, is to be “the best”, with regard to our range of products, our skills, our market success and our reputation. We know that we cannot do this alone and we do not want to. Together with our internal and external partners, we strive towards making this vision a reality in our everyday operations:

  • Implementation sustainability strategy so to contribute immensely in the agriculture and food industry.
  • Working together with customers, shareholders, and employees,so  to contribute to a prosperous society.
  • Delivering customer satisfaction with creativity, innovation, sincerity, gratitude, and to act in compliance with law and ethics.


There’ll be customs fees depending on the shipping options selected and the customer is responsible for it.

We offer a variety of shipping options dependent on your location and time of delivery.

UPS and DHL are our standard offerings for retail clients.

You are also welcome to use your own shipping account.


Please note, orders take an average of 1-2 days to process before being shipped out of our facility. Free shipping applies to only CUSTOMERS within Accra.

Yes! Just contact us with your wholesale requirements and we will be happy to provide you wholesale costs and discounted rates based on a bulk quantity purchase.

Yes. We ship UPS, FedEx and DHL. For larger volume orders (over 100kgs), we can arrange a customer shipper that may provide lower rates than the typical shipping companies.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we will do what we can to make it right. If there is a problem with your order, please let us know and we will be happy to provide usage assistance and discuss all the options with you, at its sole discretion, on a case by case basis, will determine if a product may be returned within 7 days(for local ) and 30 days for international of purchase.

Head over to our recipes page or a look at our Instagram account. There are some recipe ideas we have come up with. You can easily download our recipe book.

Any other questions you would like to ask from us?

We just found the powders a really convenient way to increase the daily fruits and vegetables intake as the powders tasted nice and still had the same health benefit as fresh produce. Fresh produce go off quickly, take a lot of space in the freezer and you hardly find them throughout the year. Powders are easy to store and easy to take.

We are not intending to compete with fresh produce; this is just another really convenient way of eating them. The powdered form is such an easy and convenient way to preserve and enjoy the produce when they are out of season.

Our ingredients are sourced from the West African region from the local farmers.

Yes, our products do not contain any fillers or carriers.

Products are best kept in airtight containers in a cool, dark environment. We package our products in easy resealable stand up pouches, which is good for proper preservation. Just reseal it after opening!

The shelf life of our products, when properly stored, is more than one year.

In processing of any kind, some nutrients are lost in comparison to fresh fruits and vegetable. However, since the powders are highly concentrated; you receive more nutrients per quantity than you would with fresh produce.

One of the unique aspects of our products is that there are absolutely no additives, fillers, flow agents or preservatives in any of them.

At the moment, we only accept credits cards and mobile money for our online system. You can also pay cash on delivery.

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Contact: +233 20135 4486/ Whatsapp & Mobile Money # +233558210170 Free delivery within Accra on Purchases >= GHS50 Dismiss